Sideshow Collectibles Online Comic-Con Day 12

Day twelve brings us two items from the DC Universe in two different scales to boot. From Sideshow Collectibles we get the Poison Ivy Premium Format. This stunning collectible comes in with a price tag of $350, a $35 NRD, and changeout man eating blooms for the exclusive collector. No matter if you decide to get the exclusive version or the regular you will have time to save up or stretch things out with Sideshow’s flex pay plan. The other DC item folks can order is from Hot Toys and the next big thing this summer The Dark Knight Rises. The figure coming to collectors is Batman himself in DX format. This thing comes loaded with multiple sculpts for the face of the masked version, maskless sculpt, hands, and other goodies. This figure will set ya back $260 with a $26 NRD charged shortly after purcahse. However, you can also flex pay this figure which will help spread things out before its December release.


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