Sideshow Collectibles Online Comic-Con Day 4

Day four of Sideshow Collectibles Online Comic-Con brings us not one but two pre-orders and a preview of an upcoming Premium Format. Up for order you have the awesome Wolf Predator statue. The Wolf Predator comes at ya with a price tag of $300, $30 NRD, multiple portraits, and switch out arm holding a whip (for the exclusive). This awesome collectible is not due to ship until March 2013 so you have time to save or use Sideshow’s awesome Flex Pay program. Also up for pre-order is the Hot Toys 1:6th The Amazing Spider-Man figure for the upcoming sure to be awesome film The Amazing Spider-Man. This figure comes in at a price of $205, multiple switch out hands, masked sculpt, and unmasked sculpt. Spidey won’t ship until December of this year so you again have a chance to save or use the Flex Pay program. Previewed today is a quick video of an upcoming Jack Sparrow PF based of the latest POTC film.






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