Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter Update For May 31st

Tonight via their newsletter Sideshow Collectibles announced two pretty darn cool items. Fans of The Lord of the Rings finally get a chance to order the Ringwraith on Steed Premium Format. The exclusve for the Ringwraith is a switch out left hand holding his sword for multiple display options. This amazing nearly three feet tall premium format will be a centerpiece of any Ringers collection. The price of this collectible comes in at $800 but with Sideshow’s Flex-Pay program you can find a payment plan that will allow you to make it until December when this is supposed to ship. There is an $80 NRD with this collectible charged within the first 24-48 hours after your purchase.

Marvel Fans get a chance to order the really cool Spider-Woman Premium Format this awesome item comes with a switch out portrait of a Skrull Spider-Woman portrait. Spider-Woman will cost ya $350 with a $35 NRD but again Sideshow’s Flex-Pay program will make it easy to swing this for the January 2012 release. Star Wars fans also get a preview of the next diorama in that series of collectibles with the Shaak Ti vs General Greivous dio. Fans will know more about this item next week via the Sideshow Experience.

Please use the affiliate links to order this collectible if you decide to do so.






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