Sideshow Collectibles, Weta Workshop, Gentle Giant, and Hot Toys News

This week collectors had were given the chance to order multiple items from all the major collecting companies from any license they really would want to buy from. These companies literally covered all my favorite licenses this week with The Lord of the Rings, Marvel, and Star Wars. Needless to say this was a great week for collectors on top of a great film like The Avengers coming out.

Now what exactly came out and from whom:

Sideshow Collectibles – Sideshow released the first statue from what is sure to be an amazing line of statues from the Star Wars saga. Darth Maul is the first character from the new Mythos line which gives us a look at the Star Wars characters we love but in moments we didn’t see in the films or cartoon. Maul in his statue is obviously training as he prepares to do Darth Sidious bidding in tearing apart the galaxy. The price for Darth Maul is $250 with a $25 NRD and a shipping in October of 2012. Do so now before its too late and you’re left holding the bag.


Weta Workshop – The folks at Weta released the third statue in their mini-statue line of characters from The Lord of the Rings. The character who is joining the line up of characters is none other than that ranger known as Strider. This amazing statue is such a great representation of the character and happens to be from a moment when we first meeting him both in the movie and book. The price for Stirder is only $75 and he won’t be shipping until September/October of this year so please make sure you get this statue.


Hot Toys – Hot Toys has given us the next character from this summer’s amazing move The Avengers with The God of Thunder himself Thor. This version of Thor is pretty awesome and I think a bit better than the first figure of the character. Thor comes with multiple hands and the cosmic cubes holding tube which will run you $200 but he won’t be shipping until December of this year. You can order this through Sideshow Collectibles or your favorite etailer.


Gentle Giant – Another item from The Avengers comes to us from the folks of Gentle Giant. The Mark VII suit that Tony Stark breaks out during the movie is the first mini-bust from Gentle Giant for The Avengers. Right now the image is just a conceptual photo from the movie but it gives you an idea of what it will look like. Also if you order this weekend it will only cost you $59 with free shipping and starting Monday it will bump up to $85.


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