Sideshow Collectibles Commander Bly Review

After another delay which I apologize for since I just started a new job but all the same I hope you enjoy the Commander Bly review. Bly is probably the coolest of the designs from all the Commanders and one that I truly think you should try to find a way to add to your collection. Bly comes with multiple extras as well as multiple helms along with a human clone sculpt. If you’re like me you will want to get two of this amazing Clone Commander.









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2 responses to “Sideshow Collectibles Commander Bly Review

  • Hector

    Not sure I agree Bly is the coolest looking commander. I’ve got to go with Cody. But as with the other Sideshow clones, Bly looks great. Pass for me as I’ve already spent too much on other figures. I just wished I hadn’t blown all that money on the Medicom 501st and Shocktrooper a few years ago, not to mention the Shadow Stormtrooper! Could have used that $ for like 4-5 Sideshow clones.

    • thejosh023

      Cody is my favorite but he has a much more simple look than some of the other commanders. Yeah, I was able to sell my medicom stuff before the SS clones came out and use it towards SS clones. They just look like better made figures as a whole.

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