Sideshow Collectibles Spooktacular Wrap Up

The 2011 version of Sideshow Collectibles Spooktacular event has come to an end and what an event it was in 2011. Star Wars fans got plenty of love with multiple items and previews and Ringers also got a nice treat with a brand new maquette announcement. Marvel and DC fans were not left out either with amazing pieces coming from those licenses.

The Lord of the Rings maquette line got a great announcement and the first bad guy announced in this line so far with the Ringwraith/Witch King maquette. This awesome piece captures the Witch King as he’s on weathertop moving towards Frodo about to stab him. The exclusive item on this piece is a switch out right hand holding the dagger completing the Witch King look. The exclusive and regular will cost $250 and have a NRD of $25. This piece will ship to collectors sometime during Quarter 3 of next year.

Star Wars fans got several items for order as I said ranging from nearly every line that Sideshow Collectibles has. From the 1:6th line for an instock purchase fans get a chance to order the Utapau Shadow Trooper and a pre-order of the Holiday Yoda both of which I talked about already. Also in Sideshow’s production blog we got a great video of the upcoming The Phantom Menace Obi-wan Kenobi 1:6th figure. Premium Format collectors got a chance to order Grand Moff Tarkin and I-TO Interrogator Droid which is a stunning piece to add to your collection. Tarken and his droid will set ya back $350 with a $35 NRD charged within 24-48 hours after your orders have been placed. No edition size has been announced but this will be shipping in the second quarter of next year. Finally, a preview for those who collect life sized items with the Darth Malgus 1:1 figure from the new Knights of the Old Republic

Comic-Book collectors got a couple of really awesome pieces from the world of Marvel and DC. From Marvel we get the really badass looking Colossus Premium Format. Colossus will cost you $400 and have a NRD of $40 charged shortly after your purchase. The exclusive of Colossus is a switch out portrait and a really cool print to complete an amazing item. No edition size has been announced but he is due to ship in Q2 of 2012. DC and more specifically Batman fans get a chance to Pre-Order a life sized bust of the caped crusader himself. This bust comes with a price tag of $680 and a NRD of $68 charged after your purchase but you’ll have to wait until Q2 of next year to get your bust.










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