Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter Update

Yesterday, in Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter we got pre-orders, previews, and surprise items up for grabs. For Pre-Order folks can snag the very cool Invincible Iron Man 1:1 bust that was shown all the way back to Comic-Con 2011. This awesome Iron Man collectible is gonna cost $750 with a $75 NRD but start saving up now and getting it in Q2 of 2012 shouldn’t be a problem. The surprise items that folks can pre-order are from the worlds of Star Wars and GI Joe. From Star Wars we get two figures from Medicom the R5-D4 and 4Lom figures both of which did look quite nice at Comic-Con 2011. The GI Joe or more specifically Cobra item is the Desert Officer. Now, this figure was at Comic-Con as well and man did he look freaking great and after receiving the Desert Sniper this figure is a must. He will set you back $100 bucks and will be shipping this month.

The big item in this weeks Sideshow Collectibles newsletter is a preview of the upcoming Boba Fett 1:6th figure. We’ve already seen a video preview of this figure during Comic-Con 2011 and this preview is sure to only amp up people wanting to add Boba to their collection. As a matter of fact Boba will be a PPO next Friday as Sideshow like myself expects this one to have a ton demand. So make sure you’re qualified for next weeks PPO so you don’t miss out.



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