Sideshow Collectibles Online Comic-Con Day 15

With just 5 days left going into Comic-Con 2011 we get a double dip of GI Joe figures from their 1:6th line. Rock ‘n’ Roll and Zartan are the two characters that will be making the jaunt into our collections later this year. Rock ‘n’ Roll will be priced at $135 and have an edition size of 500 pieces on the exclusive version. His exclusive will be a switch out sculpt that has him wearing a bandana along with some amazing detailed gear. This is one Joe figure to get if you’re into highly detailed military figures. Then we have Zartan the master of disguise. He will come with a price tag of $160 and an edition size of 750 for the exclusive version. The exclusive on on Zartan is an evil version of Duke giving you a chance to put him in disguise, but thats not the only sculpt he comes with as he also comes with a sculpted mask from the vintage figure. Zaran like Rock ‘n’ Roll is crazy detailed and looks amazing!! Both figures will be out in the 4th quarter of this year and will include new sculpted features on the Sideshow Pro 1.2 bodies.

Edit: Sideshow has also placed both Sucker Punch figures up for sale as well. Baby Doll and Amber will come in with a price tag of $170 but will include free shipping from Sideshow.









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