Sideshow Collectibles Emperor Palpatine Premium Format

Today in Sideshow Collectibles Production Blog we got full reveal pics of the new Emperor Premium Format. This is without a doubt one of the coolest PF pieces to come from Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars line. The Emperor comes with multiple heads, hands, and Luke Skywalkers lightsaber. Not to mention this piece has articulation that will allow you to change up the pose a bit. This piece will be quite limited with an edition size of 500 pieces, a 10% or $50 NRD, and as always the Flex-Pay option.

Check out more pics than shown below at Sideshow Collectibles Production Blog








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4 responses to “Sideshow Collectibles Emperor Palpatine Premium Format

  • Haydee Kempner

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  • Ben

    I would like to thank you for posting your Sideshow reviews. I’m so glad I found you by chance…on YouTube.

    I’ve pre-ordered & collected all the exclusive GI Joe editions and I love them all.

    You’re right about the flex pay plan. Without it I could never pre-order the exclusive Optimus Prime Marquette or exclusive cyborg darth maul.

    I wasn’t going to pre-order the Emperor Palpatine, but I changed my mind and pre-ordered him anyway.

    Question: Do you find it hard to find space go store all your Sideshow items?

    • thejosh023

      No problem and I would like to thank you for taking the time to watch them and check out the site.

      The GI Joe figures are some of the coolest 1:6th I’ve collected. It takes ya back to being a kid.

      Yeah, Flex Pay is just really handy. I mean you have to use it only when you know you want something but are gonna have to break it down but it does make things easier. I have the War Machine Maquette, Ghost Rider 1:6th, and Yoda’s Hutt all on Flex. Have a couple other items I should put on there as well.

      I personally didn’t because I have the 1:6th and I’m more into that scale than PF’s but that piece I believe will look just awesome in person.

      Yes, without a doubt. lol I have broke down and sold many items over the years to give me room and sometimes I’ve just had to try and store them away. The boxes are always the larger scale pain in the behind than the item themselves.

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